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Leave Your Worries to the Home Sanitizing Experts

We offer air duct cleaning services to residents of Ruidoso & Capitan, NM and beyond

Worried about pollutants or germs in your home in Ruidoso & Capitan, NM? Leave it to Peak Home Pro to make sure your property is free of bacteria and mold spores. We offer air duct cleaning services so you can put your air quality worries to rest.

Our crew will protect your home against contaminants so you can sleep easier. Contact us today to arrange for dryer vent cleaning services.

Get the peace of mind you deserve

Quit worrying about your home's air quality and schedule air duct cleaning services. Peak Home Pro will thoroughly disinfect your home in the Ruidoso & Capitan, NM area.

Our experienced crew provides:

  • Dryer vent cleaning services
  • Air duct and vent cleaning services
  • Ozone generator services

We'll use a HEPA filter vacuum to remove irritants from your home. Call today to schedule a home sanitizing appointment.

What is a shock ozone treatment?

According to the EPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory, a minimum ozone concentration of 10 parts per million is required to effectively kill mold, viruses and germs. Don't be fooled by other cleaning services that claim to treat large spaces with a small or unspecified amount of ozone. Peak Home Pro in Ruidoso & Capitan, NM offers air duct and dryer vent cleaning services to free your home of harmful allergens.

Contact us to schedule thorough air duct cleaning services.

Our procedure for sanitizing homes, apartments, offices and condos

First, we'll mop the area and clean all surfaces with hospital-grade sanitizers. Then, we'll go over the space with a HEPA vacuum. After that, we'll set the ozone machine for a calculated time and leave the treatment area.

We'll place warning signs on the entry doors when an ozone treatment is in progress to prevent people from affecting the treatment. After the treatment is complete, our technicians will return to defuse the treated area and give approval for re-entry.
By cleaning out your vents and ductwork, you can cut down on the amount of dust, pollen and dander in your home. Call today for dryer vent or air duct cleaning services.

Note: Extensive pet odor may require professional carpet cleaning first, because heavy pet odors may indicate that pet urine has crystalized.